Amber Adler is an optimist with one primary point – positively impact as many people as possible.


Amber is a former Chief of Staff for an international autism organization, former Supervising Editor of weekly newspaper and has acted in top films and television series. She is graduate of Ohio University. In 2005, she launched BRYBER LLC (2005) became a two-time bestselling author (You Can’t Buy a Halo and EMOETRY). Through Bryber LLC, she worked with Amazon as an original team member to launch the now acclaimed Amazon Kindle.

In her spare time, she focuses on philanthropic projects and helping community based organizations. Prior to the major changes at MySpace, she led a Top-10 Business Group on Myspace and has received millions of views to her personal You Tube page.

Most commonly, she is attributed as “Amber Gristak”, though she primarily goes by Amber Adler (Mrs. Adler).

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“I refuse to ask G-d for what I want.

I only ask G-d to give me the best for me…

I learned this after asking for all the wrong things,”

. . .   Amber Adler  . . .


F U L L   B I O G R A P H Y

Amber adores animals, such as her chihuahua, Pepper Shaker

Four short days after stepping into New York City, Amber Gristak landed a role as a political supporter, in the film “Maid in Manhattan.” Audiences everywhere were surprised as they watched the blooper that made the final cut. The scene showed Ralph Fiennes calling Gristak by her real name before she introduces herself.

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Interestingly enough, the political role fit Gristak precisely, as her political aspirations had been blossoming since her senior year of high school, when she convinced her her teacher at Zanesville High School to allow her to leave early, on a daily basis, to work on a Presidential campaign in the state capital. Soon after, she became a teen-adviser for her city’s mayor, Jack Fenton.

Amber Gristak and JC Chasez of N'Sync in Hamptons at the Sony Play Station 2, House

Amber Gristak and JC Chasez of N’Sync in the Hamptons, at the Sony Play Station 2, House

In college (Winter 2001-2002), at Ohio University, she completed an internship with the mayor of a nearby city. She then worked on a project for Mayor Mike Coleman in the state’s capital-city of Columbus. Her segway from political aspirations into the entertainment world stemmed from the same seed, as Gristak leads her life with one goal. Ask her what she wants to do with her life, she says  “I want to earn a living by positively affecting as many people as possible.”

Gristak accredits her crash course into the world of film to her work as a stand-in and photo double for Kate Winslet in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, directed by Michelle Gondry. Following this experience, Gristak landed a reoccurring spot as a student, for two seasons on NBC’s popular sitcom, ED. During this time Gristak auditioned and was selected to perform the monologue “My Short Skirt” in Eve Ensler’s highly acclaimed Vagina Monologues. Gristak has stayed connected with the organization.

In February 2007, Gristak took a role behind the scenes to cast and co-produce two performances of the Vagina Monologues in New York City. Gristak continues to take an active role in the betterment of society through her philanthropy and regular donations to various charity organizations. Gristak continues to be open and to ways to donate her time to noble causes.

In 2003, while working as the EA and PA to the President of Beckford Management (talent agency), Gristak began training her vocals with industry staple Craig Derry. Gristak recalls how her “days were packed but lived to the fullest”. Derry has worked with such household names as Etta James, Mark Anthony, Michael Jackson, and Mary J. Blidge, Ashanti, The Backstreet Boys. Plus, he’s developed new comers such as Sean Kingston, Kevin Little and more. Derry says, “Amber has, not only, the sound but the idealism that the world is waiting for!”

Gristak spent 2004 as the main host on the IMM Show. Designers such as the prestigious Diane Von Furstenberg contributed full racks of clothing for Gristak to keep and pull from. The IMM Show filmed in both New York City and Los Angeles, California. Initial broadcast of The IMM Show began on ITV (UK number One). Shortly after, thahe show’s broadcast was extended to ITV’s sibling stations around Europe and Asia. The IMM Show was later remade in French.

(L/R) Amber Gristak (Dressed in/by Betsey Johnson) presents an NY Independent Film and Video Award to Renata Lorenc

Gristak was chosen to be a co-host for the NY Independent Film and Video Awards. Designer Betsey Johnson jumped on board to dress Gristak fro the event. Following the awards, Gristak began working with various casting directors on her auditioning skills at The Actors Connection in New York City.

Gristak was then offered the chance to play a street-talking tough-girl confined to a detention home, in the film House of D directed by David Duchovny. Following this Gristak was offered and accepted the role as a “Well Wisher” in the independent film “Hard Rock.” Then in late summer 2005, Gristak was asked back to the Independent Film Awards to be the Main Host. Following the event, Gristak was inspired by the ceremony and decided to tune in on her acting skills. She auditioned and was cordially invited to attend the prestigious William Esper Studio.

Amber Gristak stands with Serena Girardi at a private event to benefit the Outreach for Breast Health Foundation

Early 2006, Gristak contributed the poem “Grandma Tell Me Again” to be used in the book “Beyond Memories.” The book was released and sold by the Outreach for Breast Health Foundation (OFBH) to raise money to fund mobile mammogram stations and promote the early detection of breast cancer. After the success of the books initial release the OFBH has continued to sell copies of the book at their other events, fundraisers and auctions.

A devoted fan wears an “Amber Loves Me” T-shirt to the 2006 release party for “O.F.O.N: String of Consciousness.”

In late Fall 2006, Gristak released her first compilation book, O.F.O.N: String of Consciousness. This literary venture highlighted many of Gristak’s artistic talents. In mid-June 2007, Gristak released, EMOETRY, her first short compilation of concepts, mantras and poetry. The Amazon Shorts exclusive became the number one best-selling short by the end of the first week.

In the months following the U.S release of EMOETRY, Amazon Shorts began releasing EMOETRY in their other markets. When all releases are final, EMOETRY will also be available in United Kingdom, Canada and translated versions will be available in Austria, Germany, France and Japan.

on behalf of the Queen of England for Gristak’s book, “O.F.O.N: String of Consciousness”

In early August 2007, Gristak was selected as a favorite author on Amazon. As well as featured in a video about EMOETRY on Amazon Shorts MY SPACE page. By late August, a different video of Gristak speaking about EMOETRY, debuted on front page of Amazon Shorts. This sector launched Amazon’s electronic reading device, the Kindle, endorsed by Oprah Winfrey.

Gristak’s short compilation, You Can’t Buy a Halo, was released by Amazon on November 30th, 2007.  The work quickly became a best seller. Within a few weeks, it was her second Number-1 best seller, with the Top-10 website.

In February 2008, Amazon placed a promotional video of Gristak, talking about ‘You Can’t Buy a Halo’, on the front page of their Amazon Shorts sector.

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In the early part of 2008, Gristak decided to diversify her career portfolio and dive into the news media world. She landed a job as the Assistant Editor of the weekly niche-newspaper, the Jewish Voice. In October of 2008, Gristak was promoted to Supervising Editor.

(L/R) Mike Jerrick with Amber Gristak

Then, in late March 2009, the seasoned news professional, released two long overdue side-projects, back to back. The first was her anticipated compilation, ‘Lovesick.’ The second ‘Positively Magic’ was a self-help piece that she had never intended to release. Both were published as promotional pieces by Bryber Books of Bryber, LLC.

In early of spring of 2009, Gristak was asked to go on the “The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet,” on FOX [tv] to discuss her recent breakup. She received 100+ emails of support within the first hour after the show aired live on April 24th, 2009.

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Amber holds a child at the opening night gala for the 2009 New York Independent Film and Video Festival

In May of 2009, Gristak made her debut into the world of Online News Media. Her first article was received fabulously by audiences of the popular Jewish website Yeshiva World.  It become the  most commented article of the day.

Shortly after her online news debut, Gristak became connected with Icare4autism- The International Center for Autism Research and Education, where she worked as the Chief of Staff. In July of 2010, Gristak traveled to Israel for the launch of Icare4autism‘s 2010 International Autism Conference. The conference boasted 30-autism experts and attracted far over 500 attendees, from around the globe. The conference will now be an annual event.

And, then came a Life changing Moment

Amber, 770, ELi, and the Ring

Amber, 770, ELi, and the Ring

After a beautiful courtship, Gristak accepted a proposal for marriage from Eliezer “Eli” Adler. They were married in a small private ceremony in Brooklyn, New York. Gristak unofficially becomes Ruth Amber Adler.

In 2011, Gristak concluded the writing of her next literary work. The piece deals with dating in the Frum (orthodox) community. The self-help book is a smart and savvy guide to marriage and has been highly anticipated by her fans and by the Jewish community.

Rosie O'Donnell with Amber Gristak after a speaking engagement with Rabbi Shmuley Boteach in NJ (12/14/10)

Rosie O’Donnell with Amber Gristak after a speaking engagement with Rabbi Shmuley Boteach in NJ (12/14/10)

Also, in 2011, Gristak began working more on developing “The Gristak Foundation.” The budding foundation is an education based non-profit that is aimed to preparing educational participants to enhance their life while acquiring the skills needed to envision, develop and achieve their goals.

Amazon Kindle debuts Jewish literary series by Gristak. Debut works include writing on Passover (Pesach), Tisha B’Av and Parsha Vayikra. Also, making its debut was the previously delayed modern literary work, Enchanted.

In spring of 2012, Amber and her husband welcomed a new son into the world. Following this, she took time to recover and enjoy every moment.

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In 2012, Gristak launched the first segments of what she calls her “Mrs. Adler project.” This began with the official Mrs. Adler website. It is precisely aimed at helping single persons engage and effectively utilize direct dialogue for the purposes of determining a spouse. This project then debuted the E-book release “50 First Date Questions.”

An imperative read for every Jewish single

An imperative read for every Jewish single

> Official Facebook Page for 50 First Date Questions <

> Official Facebook Page for all Mrs Adler dating projects <

In the fourth quarter of 2012, the new mom began working at the niche-marketing company, as the Director of Integrated Media.

In the summer of 2013, Amber took the final steps to launch the release of her new literacy project: 1,000 Questions to Ask Before Getting Married. The 240-page self help guide is specifically geared for the observant Jewish community. The author is proud to say that there is something for everyone in the book. “No matter what sect of Judaism you fall into, I guarantee that there is information in this book that pertains to you and can help you get from the first date to the chuppah,” says Amber.

In 2014, after the birth of their second son, Amber took a position close to home where she supported a community leader in advocating for the community. All further details of this position are private.