Let Go and Let G-d

I never knew what I wanted to be. Picking a career was like picking a spaceship. I don’t plan to travel to outer space and I didn’t plan on having a “career.”

Eventually, I started “thinking” that I knew what I wanted to be. However, I always prayed on it. I would talk to G-d and say “Please just give me a job where I can positively affect as many people as possible, while earning money in excess.”

Some may think it is demanding to ask for a job that provides a person with both the ability to help people and the ability to earn money in excess. However, I believe that anyone who feels this way hasn’t experienced real Emunah (Faith) in G-d. Why? Because G-d is smarter than everyone. And, I refuse to act like I know better than G-d. So, I set guidelines for accomplishment then I “Let Go and Let G-d.”

Mazel Tov!

Kenneth Adler enjoys being held by his big brother Samuel Adler

Kenneth Adler enjoys being held by his big brother Samuel Adler

Introducing the newest member to the Adler family, Kenneth Adler. I am so proud to have this new addition to our family. He is such a sweet guy and already so alert. I look forward to watching him and his big brother become great friends. Already, Samuel wants to help out with Kenneth all the time. He likes holding him, hugging him and giving him his bottle. It’s all so sweet. I may be hormonal but it tears me up many times a day. I still can’t believe that I was able to bring such blessings into the world. G-d is wondrous and really gives so much to us all.

To see more of our lovely little babies growing up please visit their You Tube channels.

Kenneth Adler | Samuel Adler